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Simulator Bay Rentals

Our simulator bays are available to rent at the reduced rate of $35 per hour through September. Come in by yourself and experience the most authentic gameplay available on the market, or bring up to four friends — it’s all the same hourly rate.

We have eight TrackMan bays with Dual Radar Technology.

If you would like to rent more than one simulator at a time, rent a simulator for more than two hours, or have a group larger than four? Give us a call or check out our events page.

Trackman Bay Rental
$35 / Hour

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5 Hour Pass
$175 ($250 VALUE)
10 Hour Pass
$300 ($500 VALUE)
20 Hour Pass
$500 ($1,000 VALUE)

Simulator Bay Rentals

Take your game to the next level with our Trackman 4 simulator bays, including the TrackMan Performance Studio (TPS) software. With TPS software 3D graphics overlay, golfers will easily recognize and immediately improve the most important part of the golf swing…impact.

Play on your choice of over 85 of the best courses from around the world while TrackMan measures the full flight of golf shots from 4 feet to 400 yards with an accuracy of 1 foot at 100 yards. The precise measurements developed by TrackMan have been fine-tuned for the indoor golf environment offering the most authentic gameplay available on the market.