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Our Unique PuttView Technology

  • There are less than 30 PuttViews in the world with ball tracking capability - (Swing Fit Golf Club™ is one)
  • There are less than 100 PuttView Systems in the world (roughly 70 in the US).
  • All visuals are comprehensive and can be controlled with a tablet – designed for golfers.
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What is PuttView Indoor?

PuttView is your visual toolbox for putting practice. The Augmented Reality technology enables the visualization on the putting green, with feedback on all important parameters of a putt.

PuttView uses a projector mounted to the ceiling in order to visualize information for practice directly on the green, such as the ideal line and the pace of a putt. The user controls PuttView with an interactive tablet app and can easily shape and adapt practice for each player individually. Some of the best golf coaches in the world, amongst others Phil Kenyon and David Orr, and Pros like Bryson DeChambeau use it to enhance their practice.

Swing Fit's PuttView system has ball tracking capability - there are less than 30 PuttViews in the world utilizing this technology.