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PuttView Practice Green

PuttView is your visual toolbox for green reading and distance control.

With roughly 100 PuttView systems available around the world, we are pleased to bring this rare and incredible technology to Greater Cincinnati.

Swing Fit’s PuttView system has ball tracking capability – there are less than 30 PuttViews in the world utilizing this technology.

Whether you’re new to golf or a professional, PuttView is sure to improve your short game.

30 Minutes
1 Hour

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5 Hour Pass
$200 ($250 VALUE)
10 Hour Pass
$400 ($500 VALUE)
20 Hour Pass
$750 ($1,100 VALUE)
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Your Virtual Toolbox

PuttView is a visual toolbox for players and coaches regardless of experience and capability. All visuals are comprehensive and can be controlled with a tablet – designed for golfers. A fun way to practice putting – play and draw on the green and let your creativity run free.


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