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Mental Game

We are thrilled to partner with Brian Arlinghaus at Cincinnati Sports Psychology in order to help competitive athletes of all ages looking to take their game to the next level.

Brian Arlinghaus, CSP

Brian Arlinghaus

Sport Psychology Consultant

Coach Brian Arlinghaus has been playing golf and other sports since he was five years old. He competed in many junior tournaments as a child and went on to play for four years of golf at Moeller High School in Cincinnati and then on to the University of Dayton.

Coach Arlinghaus received his Bachelors Degree from the University of Dayton where he received his BA in Psychology and Sociology. Coach Arlinghaus also has a Masters Degree from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology specializing in Sport and Exercise Psychology, and is also a member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.

Outside of his work as a Sport Psychology Consultant Coach Arlinghaus has coached golf teams at Indian Hill High School and Miami University Hamilton, and currently serves as the Head Coach at Wright State University. He uses his coaching and consulting skills to enhance the teams ability to mentally prepare for tournaments and matches as well as improve their ability to control their emotions before, during and after play.

Coach Arlinghaus has a passion and desire for sports and loves to work with athletes who truly want to improve their game from the inside out. Coach Arlinghaus will work with athletes of all skill levels and will work with the athlete to determine which areas they should focus on. Once determined, he works with the athlete to create an athlete specific program designed to enhance the athletes playing experience as well as their ability to coach themselves in practice and in competition.

What Cincinnati Sports Psychology Can Do

Are you looking to break 90? 80? 70?

Are you Trying to make the team?

Are you experiencing debilitative anxiety when competing or practicing?

It might not be another bucket of range balls that is going to help you get there. Maybe retraining your brain to work in ways that help you help yourself is the answer.

There are specific strategies used to increase your ability to concentrate, focus and reach your goals. In our sessions we work on:

  • Relaxing under pressure
  • Managing your emotions
  • Bouncing back from mistakes
  • Mentally preparing for competition
  • Managing fear
  • Learning how to practice
  • Learning how to “green light”
  • Balancing academics with life and athletics

We will use your natural ability and the skills learned at SwingFit Golf and give your brain the extra boost it needs to utilize those skills and take your game to the next level.

Mental Strength Training is available as individual 60 minute sessions, or in packages of 5, 10, 23 or 45.

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