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2022 Winter Golf League

League Roster


The Bucks

Alan Stachowicz
Randy Rothring

Bond Gurus

Ricky Schneider
Dan Carter

Heritage Hurricane

Tim Viox
Rich Decker

Team Titleist

Gabe Collins
Brennan Croy

Men of Merle

Jerry Morgan
Ken Goode


Preston Woodson
Eric Fries

Bad Bad

Matt Alkire
Jacob Alkire

To Be Determined

Dave Hartke
Kurt Webb

Who’s Your Caddy?

Rob Wilson
Josh Jackson

Net 5

Evan Nutt
Brian Turner

Grip & Sip

Josh Wolfe
Larry Staggs

Arnie’s Army

Jason Prichard
Bob Getto


Dirk Gibbens
Brad Foreman

The Free Agents

Brandon Thomas
Jared Brinn

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