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Winter Golf League

Wednesdays at 7PMStarts the week of December 4th

Winter Golf League

Our winter golf runs for 12 weeks on the fantastic TrackMan simulators.
Your best 8 of the 12 weeks will be applied to the league leaderboard.
The cost for each team is $125/person for members, and $525/person for non-members to be applied to end-of-session winning. Register Your Team Here Free Agent List Pay Fees Become a Member

League Format

Stableford, Best Ball, 18 holes

The League will start the week of December 4th and run on Wednesdays at 7PM, but rounds can be played anytime during the week.

*Trackman handicaps required.* Need at least 3 scores before the season starts.

The cost for each team is $125/person for members, and $525/person for non-members to be applied to end-of-session winning.

There will also be a $5 Hole in one club (payout for hole in one, eagle on par 4, albatross on par 5) and a $5 Weekly CTP contest. The money will be collected at Swing Fit before the round begins.

In Stableford scoring, points are awarded depending on the score for each hole. A player or team scores one Stableford point for:

  • Albatross – five points
  • Eagle – four points
  • Birdie – three points
  • Par – two points
  • Bogey – one point

The league is a net best one of two players. For example, you score a net par, your partner scores a net birdie, and your team receives three points for that hole.

The best final score will rank weekly scoring. For example, if ten teams are in the league, the scoring will be ten points for first place for the week and nine points for second place, then it proceeds from there.

As a winter league has several holidays, we did not penalize teams for not playing every week. So it will be your best 8 out of 12 rounds. Your four lowest-scoring weekly games will drop off, which benefits you from playing more than eight weeks. Also, teams can have three players and substitutes.

Majors weeks: Weeks 6 and 12 are worth double points!

*No make-up rounds*

Each week the course selection and settings will be posted on the website and available at SwingFit. Please take time to check your location and declare that you are officially playing your league.

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